A Model of Socially Responsible Organizational Culture

  • Cristina Ganescu "Constantin Brâncoveanu" University
  • Andreea Gangone "Constantin Brâncoveanu" University


While scholarly literature abounds with research on organizational culture and CSR, this study adds knowledge to the field, redefining a new concept: that of socially responsible organizational culture. In our opinion, socially responsible organizational culture encompasses all the values, beliefs, norms and strategies that facilitate, direct, operate and develop the relations between organization and stakeholders in order to harmonize these relationships and increase economic, social and environmental performance. This paper creates a conceptual model of socially responsible organizational culture and presents a methodology for evaluating socially responsible organizational culture in the EU Member States. Results show significant variations between states, explained by differences in national culture, attitude and focus on CSR actions.

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Ganescu, C., & Gangone, A. (2017). A Model of Socially Responsible Organizational Culture. Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldiș Arad, Seria Științe Economice, 27(2), 45-59. Retrieved from https://publicatii.uvvg.ro/index.php/studiaeconomia/article/view/193