Evaluating the Effect of Managers' Narcissism on Bankruptcy Risk Among Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

  • Shahriar Faghekarimi Islamic Azad University
  • Fereydoon Ohadi Islamic Azad University of Karaj
  • Hashem Nikomram Islamic Azad University
  • Ramzanali Royaei Islamic Azad University


Bankruptcy or default is a situation, in which, a business company or enterprise gets unable to pay its debts and cannot meet its obligations. Different reasons can cause bankruptcy that mismanagement seems to be one of the most important reasons for bankruptcy. This study aimed to examine the effect of managers' narcissism on bankruptcy risk among companies operating on the Tehran Stock Exchange. This is a quasi-experimental research of post-event type, which falls into the field of positive accounting research based on real information. The final sample of this study was chosen using the systematic elimination (screening) and non-randomized sampling method, including 177 companies in a period of 8 years from 2013 to 2020. The research data were extracted annually from the Codal website, which were entered in the EVIEWS10 software following calculations in EXCEL software to examine the research relationships and hypotheses. The results of testing the research hypothesis revealed that the managers' narcissism has a significant impact on the bankruptcy risk. The results obtained were consistent with the results of previous empirical studies indicating that improving the ability and characteristics of managers can enhance the performance of the company.

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Faghekarimi, S., Ohadi , F., Nikomram, H., & Royaei , R. (2022). Evaluating the Effect of Managers’ Narcissism on Bankruptcy Risk Among Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange. Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldiș Arad, Seria Științe Economice, 32(2), 65-83. Retrieved from https://publicatii.uvvg.ro/index.php/studiaeconomia/article/view/712